Smart Reporting for the Shopping Centre Manager

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shopping centre manager

Smart reporting for the shopping centre manager

The smart shopping centre manager can successfully understand and manage the full spectrum of activities and data analytics going on throughout their shopping centre with smarter reporting from Experian FootFall– learning to juggle with the metaphorical bowling ball, egg and chainsaw.

Juggling Shopping Centre Manager Concerns

Shopping centre managers face three spheres of interlocking interest:

  • the successful running, promotion and management of their property and the staff that are needed to fulfil all of the services that it offers
  • the individual retailers and tenants who reside in that centre which influence the amount of footfall that the centre attracts
  • the visitors themselves

Smarter reporting services from Experian FootFall are designed to help you better manage these concerns by providing you the data you need to fully understand how your business is performing.

How is the centre performing and how well is it run?

There is a significant amount of information that a shopping centre manager needs about the centre itself – its upkeep, running costs, staffing levels (and impact on service levels) and revenues.  Equally as importantly, stakeholders in the parent property management company want to know this too.

The tenant factor, their impact, their performance

Secondly, beyond the skeletal property, there is the crucial relationship with the tenants that occupy it: the retailers; and the now mandatory need to “help them in order to help you”.  Knowledge of their activities, events and store performance are key indicators for a strong relationship between tenant and the centre. This connection needs to be bound with rich, high quality data.

With smarter reporting from Experian FootFall’s Site Analytics product, you can:

  • Empower the tenant with footfall information, knowledge of centre-wide events and their impact on visitors and flow
  • Allow the retailer to share their data relating to performance and activities

This bipartisan view will enable a combined understanding of how both parties can benefit and is becoming a “retail liaison” role provided by the centre.

What can your visitors tell you?

Finally, but most importantly, are your visitors. The burden to entice them is partially shared between tenant and the centre.  The smart shopping centre manager will know his local visitor base and will know how to promote to them. This they will glean through analysing performance data which marks changes to the tenant mix, seasonality, local events and other in-centre activities.

The detail is in the data

Through centralised and integrated reporting from Experian FootFall’s Site Analytics, the three complex spheres become a more simple matter and the shopping centre manager is able to:

  • Understand their centre as a profit-generating entity, which incurs costs and provides services for both tenants and visitors – all of which needs to be visible from management above
  • Understand their  tenants as the lifeblood of the centre, attract the right tenant mix, ensure they have the right information to aid their trading and help them to attract custom to their stores and therefore the centre
  • Understand their visitors in the modern digital age. Methods for attracting physical footfall are changing.  Whilst it is increasingly difficult to compete with the convenience of shopping from home online, the same platform can be used as a marketing tool for reaching out to the right types of visitors to specifically appeal to them with targeted offers for your centre.

Understanding the individual needs of these three concepts results in smarter shopping centre managers keeping asset owners, tenants and visitors all happy and informed, all the time – a difficult juggling act indeed!

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