Selling well is good news for customers

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Deloitte has issued a new whitepaper looking at ways to improve customer conversion.

It provides a comprehensive exploration of some of the factors impacting customer conversion success and why the issue should be top of mind for retailers. The report also rightly reminds us that “an unsuccessful shopping trip is both a lost sale to the retailer and a waste of time for the customer”.

We’ve worked on many projects with retailers to help them measure and improve customer conversion rates across every site, as of course selling success will differ throughout the chain. 

Improve Customer Conversion

Experian FootFall helps retailers to improve customer conversion through better retail intelligence.

Our analysis takes into consideration the number of visitors in a store at a particular time and the volume of sales. It’s essential in enabling retailers to  identify patterns and causes for conversion peaks and troughs which can be down to a long list of things, not forgetting site location.

It’s also an effective way of helping retailers ensure they are getting service absolutely right. We’ve put together our own series of reports on customer conversion i.e. sales effectiveness in stores. You can subscribe to our reports below or click the link to see the Deloitte report.

Experian FootFall provides retail intelligence services to retail businesses to help them improve customer conversion. Find out more about our services on our About page or contact us for more information.

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