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The Experian FootFall UK National Index is the most comprehensive UK retail traffic index for assessing shopper visitor patterns, providing monthly and weekly averages of movement of the numbers of visitors to retail outlets. Published weekly and monthly, it is an invaluable benchmark of performance.  It is available for free download weekly from this website, or choose to subscribe to our RSS feed and get the news as it is published.

Here are the latest retail traffic figures for UK&I:

Experian FootFall UK National Index Week 50 2014

Experian FootFall UK National Index November 2014

Experian FootFall UK National Index October 2014 

Experian FootFall UK National Index September 2014


There are a number of derivations of footfall indices in the UK, as well as indices available in other regions.

Other UK Indices, such as Regional, Town Centre and Retail Parks Indices to help assess retail traffic can be found here.

And if you want footfall figures for other regions you can find them here:  Republic of IrelandGermanyFranceHong KongItalyPolandPortugalSpainSwitzerland,

Using Footfall Data in Your Business

Experian Footfall provides people counting services to help you make sense of your business footfall. We provide on site counting technology including thermal people counting cameras and car counting and use the data from this to achieve a continuous picture of consumer activity.

Find out more about site analytics for shopping centres and performance management for stores, orcontact us for more details.

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