Week 42









Experian FootFall Retail Index – UK National Weekly:

Change for week 42 (13st October 2014 – 19th October 2014):+5.7%

Change for week 42 year-on-year: -2.0%



Experian FootFall Retail Index – Retail Park Weekly:

Change for week 42 (13st October 2014 – 19th October 2014): -0.4%

Change for week 42 year-on-year: 2.7%



The Experian FootFall National Retail Index is reporting an increase of +5.7% Week-on-Week and a fall of -2.0% Year-on-Year.  Furthermore the weekend shows a decrease of -1.0% on the year

The Year-to-Date trend maintained decreased slightly, recording a -0.5% compared to the previous week. However, the YTD results continue to report better than last year, when footfall was -4.0% at the same point.

The Experian FootFall Regional Index reports that 2 out of 11 regions are showing an improvement in Year-on-Year retail traffic with the South West and Wales reporting the highest growth of +1.0%. The South West and Wales realised the greatest Week-on-Week increase of +18.2% (+1.0% on the year), whilst Northern Ireland suffered the greatest Week-on-Week decrease of -8.6%.

Within Retail Parks, the Experian Footfall Index reported an increase of +2.7% on the year and a decrease of -0.4% on the week.  However the weekend showed an increase of +5.1% Year-On-Year and the overall YTD trend reports at +2.7%.

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