Experian FootFall commentary for the week commencing 7th April 2014

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WEEK201415Experian FootFall UK Retail Index

The Experian FootFall National Retail Index is reporting growth of +4.7% Week-on-Week and a decline of -1.4% Year-on-Year. Looking at the Daily Index, Tuesday and Sunday are the only days of the week showing improvement year-on-year.  Overall the weekend reported a -2.5% decline year-on-year.

The year to date trend has declined slightly this week and is now reporting at – 0.1%. Whilst a decline, this continues to report better YTD performance compared to last year where it was reporting at -4.5% for the same week.

The Experian FootFall Regional Index reports that ten out of 11 regions are showing a decline in year-on-year retail traffic, with London the only region reporting growth of +5.7%.  Ten regions are also showing negative growth week-on-week with Eastern the only region reporting growth of +4.5%.

Within Retail Parks, the Experian FootFall Index is reporting a year-on-year improvement of +1.1%. Looking at the Daily Index, the weekend shows growth overall of 4.9% year-on-year. The week-on-week statistics are also reporting an improvement of +1.2%.  Overall the YTD trend is positive and reporting +5.7% growth.

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