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UK-Christmas-FootFall-Index-BannerThe  week on week trend for the Experian FootFall Retail Index continued to show double digit growth, up 11.2%, however for Christmas Eve year on year FootFall was down 7.6%

Main contributing factors are:-

1. The increase in online shopping, Experian are expecting that on Christmas Day, consumers in the the UK will spend an Estimated 45 million hours on retail websites.

2. Sales started earlier this year and the discounts have been heavier, spreading the shopping peak out over a longer period.

3. The weekend before Christmas has been extended effectively to 4 days, spreading the volume of daily shoppers, and added to this, bad weather disrupting travel in some areas of the country has clearly had some impact.

Given the current level of discounting by the retailers to attract shoppers pre Christmas and the increased activity online, it will be interesting to see how this affects the January sale period which starts from tomorrow.

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