Austin Reed appoints Experian FootFall to track shopper flow

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Luxury high street retailer Austin Reed has engaged market leading visitor analytics provider, Experian FootFall to provide shopper insight into its new flagship Regent Street store. (24 October 2011)

Austin Reed will reignite the spirit of British heritage tailoring, transforming the retail landscape on Regent Street with its new store and retail concept. Experian FootFall will work with Austin Reed to gather footfall data on shoppers entering the store and will also explore shopper flow around the four storey building in order to match staffing levels to visitor patterns and ensure the optimum approach for service and sales conversion.

Steve Richardson, UK & I Regional Director Experian FootFall, explained: “Austin Reed has a fundamental understanding of the benefits that customer counting can bring. We have worked with them to help deliver innovative performance data for the Regent Street store. This will enable the company to measure conversion rates over a given period to help boost sales in the future.

Stewart Briggs, Retail Operations Manager, from Austin Reed commented: “Over the last few months FootFall has really grasped what we are looking for from our visitor analytics data and has delivered a solution that fits our vision for customer-led service for this critical store location. We are looking forward to engaging with Experian FootFall further once the new store has opened.”

Key facts

1. Experian FootFall has been appointed to provide menswear retailer Austin Reed, with its advanced people counting solution

2. Experian FootFall has installed 18 thermal imaging cameras in Austin Reed’s new store on Regent Street

3. Austin Reed will be using the shopper insight to analyse consumer flow around the new Regent Street store to help optimise sales and manage staffing levels.

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