Retail Intelligence Services from Experian FootFall

Experian FootFall provides retail intelligence services to retailers and shopping centres to increase revenue and improve profitability by analysing what goes on in retail sites. Take a look at our retail case studies to see how we’ve already helped businesses including adidas, DFS and Waterstones.

Through counting visitors, tracking queue, cost, sales, staff numbers, marketing and other key performance data we can identify:

  • the optimum staff to visitor ratio for your stores
  • your peak shopping times
  • how long customers wait in your queues and how this impacts your sales
  • how effective your sales teams are in encouraging visitors to the till
  • your best and worst performing stores and site areas when it comes to a range of performance measures
  • where marketing is being effective and in which types of stores and centres
  • how new projects and strategies are impacting different sites

Retail Intelligence Services

Experian FootFall provides the following services to retailers:

Looking for a complete retail intelligence solution? We provide the following cloud-based software to help businesses like yours to thrive in the multichannel world:

Site Analytics measures consumer behaviours across different channels to give you a complete view of what works and what doesn’t in your retail business, with insight into how you can improve sales and efficiencies. Use the links above to find out more about Site Analytics, download our Site Analytics brochures or contact us today to speak to us directly.

Retail Intelligence Through Software

We also use software modeling to forecast footfall in each site to help you plan for success.

Armed with this information, decision makers can rank stores and retail sites according to their performance, reveal the most efficient and effective retail strategies and really advance conversion, average spend, centre vibrancy and overall profits.

If you don’t already know us for our retail site analytics, you may know us for our retail footfall Index:

We produce national indices of trends in shopper numbers that are relied upon by retailers and shopping centres across the globe as a consistent and trusted benchmark.

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Of course, these are only some of the examples of our work in the retail and retail property sectors, so if  you want to improve your retail intelligence and know more, call us on 0121 712 1444 or email us.

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